Why Buy From Toyota Ghana Company Limited?

Toyota Ghana Company Limited is the ONLY company in Ghana authorized by the Toyota Manufacturer (Toyota Motors Corporation) under a signed authorized distributorship agreement to distribute durable TOYOTA VEHICLES, Genuine SPARE PARTS and the provision of Quality AFTER-SALES SERVICES.

Some people feel that:
Toyota is made the same for every market.
Toyota is Toyota, irrespective of its final destination of usage. WELL... Is that true?

Most customers are aware of the superior total benefit of Toyota Vehicles. However, what most customers might not be aware of the risk of buying from an unauthorized Toyota dealer.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) considers the following:

FUEL: Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) designs engines suitable for the fuel type in Ghana. For Example: Peroxide Content, Total Sulphur Dye content, Water and Sediment, Kinematic Viscosity, Density

DUST ENTRY PROTECTION & BODY RUST PROTECTION: Vehicles meant for Ghana are produced to withstand dusty and moist conditions to avoid rust

Toyota Motor Corporation takes into consideration the weather conditions of a particular country of intended use before manufacturing the vehicle.

Buying Vehicles Not Suitable for Ghana Market May Result in:
1. Lower vehicle performance
2. Frequent Break downs
3. Higher Maintenance and Repair cost
4. No Warranty from the manufacturer (TMC)